Manchester Work Agency - Tips On How To Read A Winning CV

Manchester work agency for finding the perfect new employee could be the ideal place to start your search. But no matter how good that person looks ‘on paper’, the only real paper you will want to see is their CV. How can you be sure that it is good enough for your needs?

A CV (curriculum vitae) or resume is an essential document that all potential employers and recruitment agencies Manchester wide will want to see from their candidates. A CV is a chance for a job seeker to list exactly why you should hire them, and why they are perfect for the role you are offering. The best CVs are the ones you need to take notice of, as these are the ones who will be brought in for an interview. They are the ones that job agencies Manchester wide will put forward to you first. They are experts in reading CVs, but you should be too, just to make sure no one’s time will be wasted (including yours). Although job agencies will know what to look for, you will know exactly what you need. Look for CVs that are presented well – it is no good having the most wonderful information on it if it is difficult to read. The information should be kept to no more than two sizes of A4, and factors like bullet points which keep it ‘to the point’ show that this candidate ca communicate effectively. It makes it easier and quicker for you to read through – and after all, you will have a number of them to look at in a short period of time.

Use a Manchester work agency to find your next ideal employee. At KPI Recruiting Manchester, we vet all CVs and candidates and only put forward the ones that will work for and with you. Contact us on 0161 6949755 or email Our website ( is full of the most exciting, exceptional jobs.