Recruitment Agencies Manchester – Key Factors To Look Out For When Choosing The Best

Recruitment agencies Manchester wide could be the answer if you are having difficulties finding the right staff for your firm. The recent recession resulted in many organisations having to cut vital posts in order to stay profitable, and there’s no doubt that this led to the roles being advertised becoming increasingly oversubscribed. It was a buyer’s market for employers. But the challenge for businesses now is increasingly how to attract the right calibre of employees: ones who can hit the ground running; can add positive value to the posts they are placed in; and who have the potential to become the leaders of the future. How do you choose an agency that can help with this?

Why Choose Manchester Recruitment Agencies Over In-House Recruiting?

In a small or medium-sized enterprise, every employee’s role is vital to the success of the company. And yet very often, there is little or no Human Resource experience internally to assist managers in selecting the right person for the job. In fact, it is estimated that poor practices by UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises result in around £69 million per annum being wasted on recruitment. Even larger companies struggle with effective recruitment, especially if they have a lot of roles to fill, or are looking for a specialist skillset for a new or essential post. Make the wrong decision in either of these scenarios, and you are running the risk not only of damaging your short term productivity, but in the longer run, harming your reputation and credibility externally. Employing the right Manchester recruitment agency gives companies an instant advantage over their competitors. As well as expert advice on recruitment, selection and retention of good quality employees, you will also benefit from professional consultants whose job it is to network widely and deeply. Great Manchester recruitment agencies have access to a far broader pool of applicants for posts than can be achieved through simply advertising online or in the local paper.

Job Agencies Manchester Save You Time And Money

Furthermore, recruiting new staff can take a great deal of time when done properly, and time is money. If you are filling vacancies on a regular basis, you may well find that it has become a full time role for someone who is then failing to devote the time needed to the ‘day job’. Job agencies Manchester based can take a lot of the burden off your hands. Naturally, your company still has the final say on who to employ; but that lengthy process of sifting through hosts of application forms and CVs can be done behind the scenes. Likewise, every good employer takes its responsibilities seriously when it comes to background and reference checking. In sectors like healthcare, or in industry, for instance, there is a vital emphasis on ensuring the individual is suitable for the role, whether that’s in ensuring they do not have criminal convictions or that they hold the proper health and safety certificates. Recruitment agencies Manchester based can carry out such checks quickly and efficiently, freeing up your own staff to concentrate on their primary responsibilities. The best job agencies in Manchester even offer refresher training and certification for prospective employees who may otherwise be perfectly suited to the role, but need the latest certificate to prove it.

What To Look For In Manchester Recruitment Agencies

But when it comes to choosing the best of the recruitment companies Manchester has to offer, where do you start? After all, partnering up with the wrong firm could just be throwing good money after bad. It could even damage your business in the long run. Aren’t you better to opt for one of the national firms with a high profile and plenty of resources? Not necessarily. The majority of businesses, large or small, will benefit much more from working with local Manchester recruitment agencies. The consultants within these companies will understand the local market and economy and can advise on the best methods of recruitment for your area; what works and what does not. They can also more effectively advise on competitive salaries, reward and retention. That’s not to say you should overlook the standard tests of professionalism. The firm you opt to partner with for your recruitment should be able to boast the proper qualifications, both as a company and when it comes to the individual consultants you will be working with. Ask what standards they meet and what qualifications they have; and test whether they are properly up to date with the latest Codes of Professional Practice.

Further Criteria To Test When Recruiting Job Agencies Manchester

Two other key attributes to test when ‘interviewing’ for recruitment agencies Manchester are flexibility and specialisms. For the former, you may only require one member of staff right now, but are planning a larger recruitment campaign in the near future to fill a number of roles. The best job agencies Manchester based have the capacity to handle anything from one to a hundred or more vacancies. Ask about an agency’s resources and staffing levels to ensure suitability for your requirements further down the line. It’s also highly beneficial to look at the industries the agency may focus on. If you require healthcare staff, for example, make sure you’re allying your company with one that can demonstrate success in filling roles in this sector in the past. Things to check include current, household-name clients the agency works with and a keen awareness of the latest trends and practices in your industry. Finally, one great measure of a competent Manchester job agency is how it looks after its own staff. A recruitment firm which invests in its own people’s career progression, rewards them on quality results and has a low turnover of staff itself can usually boast a quality and effective team that will deliver on your goals as well as its own. KPI Recruiting Manchester offers all this and more.

Recruitment Agencies Manchester: The Best Firms Work With KPI Recruiting Manchester

Here at KPI Recruiting Manchester, we’ve been filling vacancies in the industrial, commercial, driving, engineering and healthcare sectors for many years. We’re on great terms with many local and regional companies, from SMEs to well-known brands. When they need to a fill a vacancy, they come to us first. So can you. With 94% of our clients stating that we’re the best they’ve worked with, we’re proud to say we are one of the best recruitment agencies Manchester wide. Visit our website at or call to discuss your recruitment issues with one of our friendly, professional consultants today on 0161 6949755.