Recruitment Companies In Manchester - What To Look For In A Winning Cover Letter

Recruitment companies in Manchester can help you every step of the way when it comes to finding your next employee. That includes ensuring that only the right people are sent to you for potential interview. It also means discussing interview techniques. But what about reading cover letters? Is that important too?

Depending on the job you are advertising, a cover letter can be just as important as the CV. Sometimes even more important. Manchester recruitment agencies will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to what a great cover letter should say, but here are some tips. Firstly, it shouldn’t simply be a re-working of the CV. There is no point, and it shows a lack of imagination and finesse. The cover letter is all about showing off personality, individuality, and the ability to understand the role they are applying for. Just re-hashing the CV’s bullet points into paragraphs shows none of that. Recruitment agencies Manchester based will explain that the cover letter can be used to mention specific things that employees are interested in, or that they have seen which they believe you might see as useful. That’s why they should not be ignored; they may have some good information within them. However, are you really going to read a long cover letter? You are busy, and ideally these letters should be kept to one side of A4 paper, otherwise you might skip something important. A potential employee who can be concise and interesting is certainly one to take notice of.

Looking for an eye-catching cover letter is just one of the skills that recruitment companies in Manchester such as KPI Recruiting Manchester will be able to help you with. Find out more by calling us on 0161 6949755 or emailing Our website ( is full of useful information too.