Recruitment Company Manchester - What Are An Employer’s Responsibilities?

Recruitment company Manchester based will always have its clients’ best interests at heart, and that means ensuring that everyone – including the potential employee – has fully understood exactly what their legal responsibilities are to one another. What does an employer have to do to ensure that their employees are happy and healthy?

Every employer, no matter in which profession, and no matter whether or not they use Manchester recruitment agencies to find their next potential employee, must adhere to health and safety rules. This is the law, and it is essential. This includes creating – or overseeing the creation of – risk assessments for each aspect of the employee’s work. You will also need to let the employee understand what this means, and that steps have been taken to protect them as far as is possible. They will also need to be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) if it is required for their job. Training is also a must, and should always be carried out by a competent professional – it should end with a competency test for the employee, and a certificate if they pass. As an employer, you will also need to make sure that your new employee really does have the qualifications they say they do. Although recruitment agencies Manchester based will be checking this, it is your responsibility to get assurances that this step has been taken. Remember, though, it is a criminal offence to ask an employment agency to find people to replace anyone who goes on strike. As well as this, every employee must have suitable pay, annual leave, and specified working hours and break times.

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