Work Agencies Manchester - What Is A Health Support Worker?

Work agencies Manchester often offer jobs labelled as ‘health support worker’ and similar roles. Is this the job you need filled? If so, it is worth being very clear about the duties the role will involve, to ensure you only attract the right kinds of applicants. The job is much more varied than people might initially think.

When working with recruitment agencies Manchester wide, the experts helping you find the perfect employee for your open positions (including health support worker) will need to know what the job entails. They may have individuals on their books who have the skills, but have not labelled themselves as being a health support worker. The skills needed to be a health support worker are often transferable and the role can be called various things, including healthcare assistant and auxiliary nurse. In hospitals, for example, workers could be asked to wash and dress patients, serve meals, help people get around, and helping to get them clean and comfortable after going to the toilet. Potential employees might be asked to make the beds, to simply talk to patients and keep them comfortable, or even to monitor them by taking their pulse, checking their breathing and so on. In a GP’s surgery the work could involve sterilising equipment, doing health checks, restocking, taking blood samples and processing lab samples, and doing health education talks. Speak to job agencies Manchester to clarify the duties involved if this is the role you are looking to fill. This will help you get the most suitable person in post.

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